Roof Systems [Replacement]

Roof replacement systems, commonly referred to as a "roof tear-off systems", include the removal and replacement of the existing roof system. Roof replacement is typically warranted if one or more of the following conditions exist:

-Roof replacement is mandated by building code.
-The existing roof system has deteriorated beyond being serviceable as a substrate for a roof recovery or roof restoration system.
-The existing roof system contains a significant amount of water-saturated materials. There is structural concern of the existing roof deck.
-The existing roof system contains phenolic foam insulation, which, when wet, may create sulfonic and formic acids that promote the corrosion of the steel roof deck.

Roof replacement systems are undoubtedly the best solution if an owner is planning on keeping the building for the long-term. They provide a lower maintenance cost and give peace of mind to know that problems are least likely to occur. Lastly, they can provide significant energy savings as new insulation is installed, which, lowers the real cost of the project. Call us today if you are considering roof replacement plans!