Retrofit Systems [Metal Roof]

Metal roof retrofit systems are becoming more and more popular everyday. This system offers a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Without the high cost of replacing or tearing off the existing metal roof, you can add important insulation, prevent rusting, and reduce expansion/contraction with a roof that can be guaranteed to last for over 20 years. It begins with scored or beveled flute-fill insulation designed to fit the profile of the existing metal roof system. This provides additional R-value to the building as well as providing a support layer for the layer of insulation above. Next, we mechanically attach a cover-board or insulation board in choice of thickness, depending on any desired R-value requirements. The additional insulation helps to maintain a more consistent temperature which reduces the amount of expansion and contraction of the existing metal roof. Finally, we install a new roof membrane over the cover-board or insulation. The end result is a tough, durable system with exceptional water-proofing and outstanding weather-ability.

Very durable.
Proven track record of 40+ years.
High solar-reflectance.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Easy to repair.